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Character Name: Wyatt Matthew Halliwell
Character Age: 25
Canon: Charmed
Canon Point: post-series
History: Wiki
To start off with, there's not a terrible lot of canon to back Wyatt's personality up. For most of the series he was just a mere child. That said, even early on expressed a wish to save those he cared about -- even to the point where he used his powers from the womb. He protected his mother and didn't like when she was sad or distressed. He at one occasion even switched his parents powers when they were arguing which forced them to walk in each others shoes. At another point he shrunk his parents to keep them safe. While he initially didn't like that his parents focused on his younger brother, having him orbed away around the house, he eventually grew to want to protect him against demons and the like. For Wyatt his family matters the most and he'd go to any extent to keep them safe. Occasionally too far. He didn't like his mother dating after his father went away and scared any possible romance away by using his ability to manipulate lights in such a way it made his eyes glow.. At another point he brought back his grandmother from the afterlife to comfort his mother. Wyatt shown early on that he could also "sense" his father, where he was or how he was feeling at the time, and seemed to have a lot of love and respect for him.

His usual demeanor is optimistic, loving, and peaceful nature. When he was brought back from the future at age 25, into the past he was shown to find it all very fascinating and he cheerfully embraced his family. He has a difficult time hiding the truth like his mother though, telling things of the future they shouldn't know. He tend to also have a big mouth, not being able to hold back the truth at times aswell as being impulsive. Other than that he's sweet and kind, taking after his father to a great extent. Just like Leo, Wyatt is always looking out for the best, however not always being able to think things through properly.

As a Whitelighter he protects his charges from harm, just like his father and aunt. As witch he also works to protect Innocents, people whom are targeted by demons, may it be mortals or other magical beings. In a look into the future it was show that he and his brother Chris took over this duty from their mother and aunts, the Charmed Ones. All in all Wyatt is driven by a strong desire to be good and save people to the point he may get reckless with his powers. He isn't keen of lying or hiding the truth and he takes his duty seriously.

In addition there are two prophecies regarding Wyatt: Twice-Blessed Child and Heir of Excalibur. As the Twice-Blessed child he was prophesied to either be a great force of good, or a great force of evil. This lead to him being a target for evil all his life. As the heir of Excalibur he can use and carry the sword Excalibur with all its weight and abilities.

Inventory: With his canon point in consideration I do not think he'd carry much more than the clothes on his back and a half-made vanquishing potion.
Wyatt's a Witch-Whitelighter hybrid. This grant him several abilities. Wyatt can cast spells, brew potions, scrying and mediumship (the ability to see ghosts).

His active powers are:

  • Projection (the ability to manipulate reality by channeling his imagination). In addition his Projection also gives him access to several other powers like: Combustive Orbing, Conjuration, Energy Waves, Power Negation, Power Swapping, Pyrokinesis, Shrinking, Summoning, Technopathy and Voice Manipulation.

  • Telekinesis (the ability to move objects with the mind)
  • Crushing (the ability to crush objects and abilities with sheer force) which developed from his telekinesis.
  • Telekinetic Orbing (ability to move objects through orbs) and Remote Orbing (ability to orb things to and from remote places)

  • Orb shield (ability to create a protective bubble of force around himself and others).

As a Whitelighter he also have the following abilities:

  • Orbing (teleportation through blue orbs)
  • Healing, Photokinesis (ability to manipulate light)
  • Sensing (ability to locate those he's close to. In addition he can sense demons)

  • Literacy manipulation (ability to almost instantly scan books and references and absorb its content).

His passive ability is High Resistance, the ability to be highly resistant to magical and physical attacks and survive otherwise lethal attacks.

Also when Wyatt wields Excalibur he has Calling, Immunity to potions and Invincibility. However this is only true if he has Excalibur. As he arrives without Excalibur this point is moot.

As for non-magical abilities... uhm he has been playing theater in his past? He's also more of a spellcaster rather than a fighter and a powerful one at that.

Flaws:Wyatt's flaws are that he's merciless in battle and could be outright intimidating when someone threatens someone he cares about. However Wyatt's biggest flaw would be his potential to turn evil, as shown in his alternate evil future where he ruled the Underworld, even killing his brother's fiancée and torturing him and almost killing him.

Even if said future was avoided, the risk remains. For witches the lure of using spells for selfish gain is ever present. Even for Wyatt whom is at an even greater risk due to the extent of his powers.

A lesser flaw for an otherwise good Wyatt would be over confidence in his abilities and not listening to other people when he has his mind set on something. He also suffer from an inability to hold back secrets. Having Excalibur and being older and more powerful has made things perhaps too easy on him. Which in of itself may be a flaw as he haven't had to work as hard for things.

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